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Why so many different versions of Nano?

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Hey guys,

I've noticed they keep coming out with various versions of the Nano. It's getting a bit confusing, and I'm trying to understand the reasoning behind it. Why does Arduino keep making so many different versions of the Nano? What are the benefits or purposes of having multiple versions? Is it just about having more features, or is there something else I'm missing?

And these Nano boards are so different from each other like the Nano 33 IoT is so different from the original Nano. Why add "Nano" in its name instead of giving it a separate name?

1 Answer

Nano is a very popular dev board and keeping the "Nano" name might be a strategic decision for brand recognition.

Even though some Nanos differ significantly(like having WIFI functionality), they are similar because of:

  • Small form factor: All Nanos are compact and breadboard-friendly, making them ideal for projects with limited space.
  • Basic functionality: They all retain the core functionality of the original Nano, making them easy to learn and use for beginners familiar with the platform.

While features differ, the "Nano" name emphasizes this core concept, making them recognizable as part of the Nano family.