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What does P at the end of ATmega328p signify?

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Hello everyone

I am currently working on a project that uses the ATmega328P microcontroller, and I noticed that there are different versions of the ATmega328. Specifically, I am curious about the significance of the "P" at the end of ATmega328P.

What does the "P" stand for, and how does the ATmega328P differ from other versions of the ATmega328? any specific features of the "P" version that I should be aware of for my project?

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Major differences between ATmega328 and ATmega328P

1. The "P" in ATmega328P stands for "PicoPower," which indicates that this version of the ATmega328 microcontroller is designed for lower power consumption.

2. The BOD(Brown-out Detection) or low voltage detection in the ATmega328P can help ensure stable operation in varying power conditions by preventing the microcontroller from running when the voltage is too low.

There's one more variant- ATmega328-PU. It is not a "PicoPower" version. PU simply indicates the package of the IC which is PDIP.

For low-power version in the PDIP package, ATmega328P-PU is available.

Dinesh bhardwaj Topic starter 16/07/2024 5:16 am

@ankunegi I saw the term "BOD" for the first time. Can you explain this in detail? Thank you